Transmission Service

The health of your vehicle’s transmission is very important. Your transmission transfers the engine’s power to your wheels and contributes to an enjoyable- or possibly troublesome driving experience.

Checking the fluid and having it flushed routinely is essential to keeping your transmission running smoothly. If you have questions about your transmission, bring it in to Northwest Honda’s service center and we’ll provide you the answers you need.

More Information about your Transmission

Regularly checking your transmission and its fluids can help prevent extremely costly transmission repairs and replacements. Checking your fluids is a very easy task:

To check your automatic transmission fluid, follow these three steps:

  1. Pull out the dipstick– Put the gearshift in Neutral or Park and the parking brake on, let your engine run. Make sure the engine is warm when you pull the dipstick out. Do not turn off the engine.
  2. Check the fluid– Dip your index finger into the fluid on the dipstick and rub the fluid between your finger and your thumb. The transmission fluid on the dipstick should have a pinkish hue and be close to clear. If it looks or smells burnt or you see particles in it, bring it to Northwest Honda and one of our skilled mechanics will drain and change the fluid for you.
  3. Wipe the dipstick- Using a clean, lint-free rag, clean the fluid off of the dipstick and then reinsert it and pull it out again. If the transmission fluid is clear but doesn’t quite reach the “Full” line, use a funnel and pour just enough transmission fluid down the tube to reach the line. Be careful not to not overfill it!

Important: There are several types of transmission fluid, each made for a specific type of automatic transmission. Newer transmissions require different fluid than older ones. Because  so many different kinds of transmissions are on the market, check your owner’s manual to find out which type your vehicle needs.

A bad transmission and one that is low on fluid can have many of the same symptoms. If your vehicle hesitates when you shift gears, check the transmission fluid before you bring it to our mechanic.